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                                           Mid-Week Update, May 8, 2024

          Welcome to the Mid-Week Update. Esther became one of the great women of the Bible when she risked her life to save the people of Israel from annihilation.  Our ladies Bible Study is currently learning How God used Esther to bring deliverance for His people. Some rabbinical traditions relate that Esther became the mother of king Cyrus, who decreed the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple. Although that cannot be proven, Esther surely showed her motherly qualities by courageously putting her life on the line for the people of Israel. 

         In the days of the Judges, Deborah arose “a Mother in Israel.” She also is not remembered as having her own children, but she certainly led Israel valiantly.  She praised the men who offered themselves willingly for the defense of their nation.  

         This week we celebrate Mother’s Day at a time when we desperately need people who give themselves willingly for the stability of our Nation. Moreover, we are at a critical place in our national history when we need godly (spiritual or biological) mothers’ prayers. Mother’s play such a big role in raising children.  Of course, fathers do too, but a mother’s influence is unique and indispensable.  Let’s pray for those who will become moms, that they will seek wisdom and strength from God.  With God’s help, they will influence a generation with the promise of eternal life. Let’s pray for women who will be mothers of our nation, like Deborah and Esther.  Pray that they will arise and call people to a life of faith in Jesus Christ. 

         In our era, when self-interest and self-actualization are enshrined as virtues of society, and motherhood has become somewhat second place, thank God that the Bible consistently praises motherhood and honors those who take up such a noble task.      


God bless all of you,

Pastor Kris


Call to Worship             Leader:  Joe Koehn

WL: The kingdom of God is like leaven, but there is a leaven of the

         Pharisees and Sadducees, of which we should be aware. God’s

         leaven is good, and the other bad.  We have come to worship the      

         Lord, and fill ourselves with good leaven.    

P:     Lord, spread your influence throughout our lives. 

WL: May God’s influence in our lives grow and grow until it is visible

         to all.   

P:     Lord, spread your influence throughout our lives. 

All:  Although God’s influence may be as small as a seed, may it

         grow through our worship and life.  Amen. 


Bible Reading Matthew 13:33

33 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and

mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.”


Greeters this week: Diane & Garry Bushman    

Coffee Servers this week: Janet Polinski

Ushers this week: Judy Hills



Flowers Under the Cross

are in Celebration of Mother’s Day for Georgiana and Rose Wilkinson from Dave Wilkinson 

Wednesday Evening Book Study

at 7:00 PM.  We will start in 1 Corinthians 4:8 this evening. 


May 11, 10:00AM – 1:00PM – VBS Car Wash

Volunteers are needed.  Please call pastor Kris (989) 310-0005 or the Office (989) 362-4288. 


Membership class

Classes will be held on May 18th, 25th, and June 1st, 10am-12 noon.


Save the Date

the Methodist Women will be hosting a Celebration of Women Dinner on Thursday, May 23rd at 6pm. Enjoy a delicious dinner of Chicken & Beef Brisket and listen to one of our Church Members experiences in Africa. Tickets can be purchased after service in the Gathering Area.


Dick Frederick’s Memorial Service

will be held Friday, May 10th.  Visitation at 10am, Memorial Service at 11am, burial after church service and Luncheon after returning from the cemetery.


Car Wash

Be sure your car is dirty this Saturday, May 11th.  The Education Committee is holding a Car Wash out in our parking lot from 10am –1pm. Donations will go to VBS.


The Layette Ministry

is looking for some Onesies (0–3-month clothing only),

PJ’s 0-3 month, Hats, and Booties.  There is a tot outside the office for your donations.

Help Wanted

Volunteers are needed to check the church.  Volunteers will come to the church between 8 & 9pm and check to be sure all lights are off and all doors are locked. This is only a once per week job, but it is so necessary!  If you could help us out 

Please let the office know and one of the Trustees will contact you with more info on the job.  Thank you.


 Coffee after Service:

Snacks are provided on Sunday after Service. We are always looking for volunteers to bring some snacks. There is a sign-up list on the refreshment table.  Please help out and sign up.  Thanks.  


VBS Volunteers (Angles)

are needed to help with guiding the youth, serving a snack, helping in the kitchen or helping with a craft. There is a sign-up list in the Gathering area. You can help one day or all four, if you want.  It is more fun than work.


Saturday, May 11th         

8:30am MMPG

10am -1 pm Car Wash in the Parking Lot, donations to VBS

4pm Saturday Service


Sunday, May 12th is MOTHERS DAY

 9am Adult Sunday School

9am Children’s Sunday School      

10 am Sunday Service with noisy offering going to Project Graduation


Monday, May 13th

 11am Ladies Bible Study

  6pm Bell Practice


Tuesday, May 14th

5pm Prayer Ministry

5pm Friends Together Support Group meeting       


Wednesday, May 15th

 5:45pm Choir Practice

 7pm Pastor’s Book


Financials from April 28th, 2024

General Fund……. $3,360

Debt Retirement.....$6,560

Loose Plate……..…...$261



Please Pray for:

Robert Tetley

The Family of Dick Frederick

Shirley Profit

Arthur Lamb

JoAnn Lamb

Gary Lynch

Kristy Hart (Gwen Burt’s son’s finance’)

Joyce Lake

Dianne Knight

Sam Dutton

Stephanie Davis

Peg Hoerner

Jane Burdett

Ashley Boudreau

Elite & Nancy Shellenbarger


Birthdays or Anniversaries

If you do not see your Birthday or Anniversary date

listed here, it may not have been placed in our Church

Data Base. We strive to honor your special days,

so just give the office a call with your information.

Thank you so much! 989-362-4288



5/15   Jon & Jennifer Look

5/15   Elite & Nancy Shellenbarger


Tawas Methodist Church

20 E. M 55

Tawas City, MI 48763


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